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Flash Template: Gallery

Suitable for photo gallery, video gallery.

Online photo gallery example



Online video gallery example




Scale Mode:

Image: Set stretch mode of image. For information about stretch mode, please refer to Scale Mode Help.

Video: Set stretch mode of video in the slideshow. For information about stretch mode, please refer to Scale Mode Help.

Preview: Set stretch mode of preview thumbnail image.

Resize on Fullscreen: Whether to resize the slide to fullscreen when switching to full screen mode.


Display: Whether to display a preloader when loading an image file.

Style: Preloader style: Spin, Pie, Circle.

Color, Alpha, Position: Color, transparency and position of preloader.

Information bar:

Display: Show, Hide or Auto Hide. Auto Hide will show information bar when you place the mouse over the image and hide when the mouse rolling out.

Position: Display the information bar on top or bottom.

Text Align: Left, Center, Right.

Text Margin: Space between the text and the information bar edge.

Background Color, Background Alpha: Color and alpha value of background.

Border on Image:

Display: Whether to display a border around the image.

Width, Color: Width and color of the border.

Margin on Image: Space between the image and the Flash slide edge.

Online example: http://www.aleosoft.com/flashslideshowmaker/demo_gallery1.html

The parameters of this example:

Display: true, Color: #FFFFFF, Width: 6, Margin on Image: 32

Reflection :

Display: Display a reflection on the bottom of the gallery.

Height: Height of the reflection.

Alpha: Transparency of the reflection.

Refresh (Seconds): Time interval to refresh the reflection.

Key Down:

Switch on Key Down: Whether to switch images on key down event.

Down Arrow, Right Arrow, Enter, Space: Next image.

Up Arrow, Left Arrow: Previous image.

Navigation Bar:

Display: Whether to display the bottom navigation bar.

Background Color: Background color of navigation bar.

Bg Gradient Style: Three kinds of background draw style: None, Slope, Gradient.

Thumbnail Style: Image, Number. You may select to display numbers in the navigation bar rather than thumbnail images.

TN Preloader: Whether to display preloader when loading thumbnail images.

TN Background Color, TN Image Width, TN Image Height:

TN Num Font, TN Num Font Size, TN Num Color, TN Num Rollover Color: Font, color, size properties when show numbers in the navigation bar.

TN Area Margin, TN Image Margin, TN Image Space, TN Border Color, TN Border Width:

Preview Image Width, Preview Image Height, Preview Border Color, Preview Border Width:

Button Style, Button Color, Button Space: Two kinds of button styles:

Button Gallery, Button Pause, Button First Slide, Button Prev Slide, Button Last Slide, Button Next Slide, Button Sound, Button Full Screen: Select to show/hide these buttons.

Button Gallery: Display the album selection panel.

Button Pause: Stop or start auto switching images.

Button First Slide: Go to the first slide in current album.

Button Prev Slide: Go to the previous slide. If it's at the beginning of current album, it will go to the previous album.

Button Last Slide: Go to the last slide in current album.

Button Next Slide: Go to the next slide. If it's at the ending of current album, it will go to the next album.

Button Sound: Switch on/off sound.

Button Fullscreen: Switch on/off full screen mode.

Gallery Color, Gallery Space, Gallery Width, Gallery Height:

Gallery Image Pos, Gallery Image Width, Gallery Image Height: There are two kinds of Gallery Image Pos: Top and Left.

Gallery Arrow Color, Gallery Arrow Height: If the album tabs can not be displayed in one panel, there will be two arrow bars for switching between albums tabs.

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