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HTML tags supported by Flash Slideshow Gallery Maker

Flash Slideshow Gallery Maker supports a subset of standard HTML tags such as <font> and <href>, which you can use to style texts of name and description of image, video and album.

Font tag (<font>)

The <font> tag specifies a font or list of fonts to display the text.

The font tag supports the following attributes:

  • color Only hexadecimal color (#FFFFFF) values are supported. For example, the following HTML code creates red text:
    <font color='#FF0000'>This is red text</font>
  • face Specifies the name of the font to use. As shown in the following example, you can specify a list of comma-delimited font names, in which case Flash Player selects the first available font:
    <font face='Times, Times New Roman'>Times or Times New Roman...</font>
    If the specified font is not installed on the user's computer system or isn't embedded in the SWF file, Flash Player selects a substitute font.
  • size Specifies the size of the font, in pixels, as shown in the following example:
    <font size='24' color='#0000FF'>This is blue, 24-point text</font>

Anchor tag (<a>)

The <a> tag creates a hypertext link and supports the following attributes:

href Specifies the URL of the page to load in the browser. The URL can be either absolute or relative to the location of the SWF file that is loading the page. An example of an absolute reference to a URL is http://www.aleosoft.com; an example of a relative reference is /index.html.
target Specifies the name of the target window where you load the page. Options include _self, _blank, _parent and _top. The _self option specifies the current frame in the current window, _blank specifies a new window, _parent specifies the parent of the current frame, and _top specifies the top-level frame in the current window.
For example, the following HTML code creates the link "Go home," which opens www.macromedia.com in a new browser window:

<a href='http://www.aleosoft.com' target='_blank'>Go home</a>

Bold tag (<b>)

The <b> tag renders text as bold, as shown in the following example:

He was <b>ready</b> to leave!

Italic tag (<i>)

The <i> tag displays the tagged text in italics, as shown in the following code:

That is very <i>interesting</i>.

Underline tag (<u>)

The <u> tag underlines the tagged text, as shown in the following code:

This is <u>underlined</u> text.

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