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"Background" Panel

"Background" panel is to set background color and add images and SWF files to Flash movie.

Background color:

  • Transparent: Make Flash movie with transparent background.
  • Solid color: Fill background of Flash movie with solid color.
  • Gradient color:
    • Start color, End color: start color and end color of gradient fill style;
    • Style: two kinds of fill styles, linear and radial.
    • Degree: Angle of linear gradient, range from 0 to 360.
    • Radius(%): Radius of radial gradient.

Background images and Flash movies:

  • Add images and Flash movies to background: check this option to add image files and SWF files to background. It supports BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG and SWF file format.

    1. File list: the first file will be on the back most layer, that is, the object is behind of all other objects, and the last file will be on the front most layer, that's, the object is in front of all other objects.
    2. Buttons: Add image and SWF file, and adjust the order of selected file.
  • Property: Set fill style, position, scale and rotate of image and SWF.


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