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  Main Window
  "Size and Sound" Panel
  "Background" Panel
  "Effect" Panel
  "Text and image" Panel
    "Text and image" Panel
    Text -> "Font" Tab
    Text -> "Effect" Tab
    Text -> "Position" Tab
    Text -> "Web Link" Tab
    Text -> "Timing" Tab
    Image -> "Image" Tab
    Image -> "Effect" Tab
    Image -> "Web Link" Tab
    Image -> "Timing" Tab
  "Web Links" Panel
  "Publish" Panel
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Main window and menu


Main navigation bar.

Check for updates. We provide lifetime free upgrade, so you can update your copy to latest version with this button.

"Preview Flash movie" window, you can active this window by "Preview" button, shortcut key "F9" or "Enter".

Preview Flash movie, click to show "Preview Flash movie" window.

"Register Now" window: enter your registration information to register your copy and active the full version.

Project menu:

A project file is a .ini file to save all the configurations and options of your design.

  • New project: New a blank project.
  • New project from example: new a project from our premade examples.
  • Open project: open a saved project file.
  • Save project: save your design options to a .ini file.

Help menu:

Language: select language for the user interface.

Exit the application.

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