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"Text and image" Panel -> "Position" Tab of Text

Set text position, text rotation and line space.

Set text position:

There are two ways to set text position: "relative position" and "absolute position". While using "relative position", you can firstly set the horizontal and vertical align mode, then adjust

Text rotation: rotation angle of text, range from 0 to 360.

This option is different with the "Rotation" option in the "Font style" window. This option will set the rotation angle of the whole angle, while the "Rotation" option in the "Font style" sets the rotation angle of a single character.

Line space:

If there are multiple lines in current stage, this value sets the space between lines.

Ailgn of text in one line:

If the font size of texts in one line are different, this option will set the align mode of texts in one line:




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