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"Web links" Panel

Set web page address when Flash movie stops and when user clicks on Flash movie.

Open web page when Flash movie stops:

This option will only take effect when you have selected the option "Stop Flash movie playing after specified loop times in "Movie" panel. Since if this option is not checked, the Flash movie playing will never stop, and the web page will never be opened.

Open web page when user clicks on Flash movie:

Set web page address and target when user clicks on Flash movie.

Redirect to URL specified in the clickTAG argument:

The clickTAG is the tracking code assigned by the ad serving network to an individual ad. The clickTAG allows the network to register where the ad was displayed when it was clicked on. This click through data is reported to the ad serving servers so advertisers may determine the effectiveness of their campaign. For more details, you may refer to http://www.adobe.com/resources/richmedia/tracking/designers_guide/ .

To use clickTAG, please refer to the tutorial: How to add clickTAG to Flash banner?



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