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Pan & Zoom Effects:

Pan Zoom Effect, also names as Ken Burns Effect, can add motion to your still photo by zooming or fading in an interested point of the photo or panning from one point to another point.

With Aleo Flash Slideshow Gallery Maker, you can define anchor points to "walk through" an image, set transparency, image scale, time of pause, time of moving to next point, HTML formatted text and web link of each anchor point.

In "Step 2, Image, SWF and Video" panel, click and select an image in the file tree, then click "Slide In Effect" tab. On the "Slide in Effect" panel, select the option "Customized Pan and Zoom Effect with Anchor Points", then click the button "Customize Pan and Zoom".

Pan and Zoom Dialog

Add Point , Insert Point:

Click on the "Add Point" or "Insert Point", then click on the image to add an Anchor Point.

Resizing Image:

Original Size: Do not resize image.

Scale to Slide Size: Resize the image file to percent of Slide size.

Anchor Point Properties:

X, Y: Left and top of the Anchor Point.

Alpha: Transparency of image on the Anchor Point. 0 is fully transparency, 100 is not transparent.

Scale: Percent Scale of photo on the Anchor Point. Adjust this value to change the size of the highlighted area on the left image panel.

Pause Time: Time of pause on the Anchor Point.

Move Time: Time of moving to next Anchor Point.

Text: This text will display on the center of Slide when the photo goes to this Anchor Point. The text is HTML formatted and can support font face, size, style, color and hyperlinks.

Open Web Page When Clicks: Open web page when the photo goes to this Anchor Point and the user clicks on the photo.


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