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Step 3: Publish


Clicking "Publish"

on the left navigation bar will display the "Publish" panel.

Publish Folder and Filename:

Define filename of Flash slide file, select the folder to saved generated files.

Publish Options:

There are two kinds of publishing modes: Flash Gallery and Flash Slideshow. With Flash Gallery mode, all of the images files are placed in a specified subfolder, with Flash Slideshow mode, all images files will be integrated in the Flash slide file, so the software will only generated one SWF file.

In Flash Gallery mode, the software will generate files as following:

  • slide.swf: Flash SWF file of gallery. The name of the swf file can be customized with the "Filename" field in the "Publish folder and Filename".
  • slide.xml: XML configuration file
  • slide.html: HTML file contains the HTML source code to embed the Flash gallery.
  • images: All of the image files, video files are included in this folder. The name of the folder can be customized with the subfolder name field in the "Publish Options" panel.

You should upload the Flash slide SWF file, the XML configuration file, the subfolder with all of the image files inside to your web server.

Only generate Flash slideshow SWF file: With this option, the software will not generate XML configuration file and the image files. This option is useful if you do not change image files list and only change options of the Flash slideshow in the "Size and Options" panel.

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