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Step 1: Size and Options


Clicking "Size and Options"

on the left navigation bar will display the "Size and Options" panel. You can set width and height of Flash slideshow, add background music, add preloader movie, set web link, select a Flash template and customize its options.

Size and Options

Width, Height, Framerate, Version: Width, height, framerate and version of Flash movie.

Background music: add music to Flash movie. You can choose to add the music as an external file, this will make the music playing in streaming mode which will make the Flash file smaller and downloading faster. If the "Stop After Loop Times" option is not selected, the music will continue loop playing.

Preloader: Add a preloader to Flash movie and set up its color and background color. You can choose to add the preloader as an external file, in this way, the Flash movie itself does not contain a preloader, whereas the software will generate two files "preloader.html" and "preloader.swf". You should place the "preloader.swf" in the same directory as your Flash file, and copy HTML code from "preloader.html" to your HTML page.

Stop After Loop Times: If this option is not selected, the Flash slideshow will continue loop playing.

Background color: background color of Flash movie, you can set it as transparent or choose a solid color.

Pause image rotating on mouse over: With this option, the slideshow will stop switching to next slide when you place mouse over it. In pan and zoom flash effect, this option will stop the motion of photo.

Create video gallery with preview image slideshow: With this option, the video will not automatically play, it will only play after you click the "Play" button. An online example is http://www.aleosoft.com/flashslideshowmaker/demo_gallery3.html

JPEG Quality: Set up JPEG quality of image. The larger this value, the better quality of image file, and the larger of file size.

Open web page when clicks: Define default web page address and target when user clicks on Flash slide. You can also set a unique web page addresses for each slide in "Step 2 - Image, SWF and Video", "Web link" tab. If both values are defined, the value set in step 2 is prior to this value.

Flash Style Template

Select Style: Select a template from this drop down list and customize its parameters on the right property tree.

Refresh: Refresh template preview.

Reset: Reset parameters to their default values.

Preview: Preview the template in web browser.

Flash Template:

Gallery: Suitable for photo gallery, video gallery.

Help Document: Gallery Template

Online Example: http://www.aleosoft.com/flashslideshowmaker/demo_gallery.html

Rotator: Suitable for SWF banner rotator, banner switcher, rolling banner.

Help Document: Rotator Template

Online Example: http://www.aleosoft.com/flashslideshowmaker/demo_rotator.html

Simple: Suitable for photo slideshow and pan & zoom effects.

Help Document: Simple Template

Online Example 1: http://www.aleosoft.com/flashslideshowmaker/demo_panzoom.html

Online Example 2: http://www.aleosoft.com/flashslideshowmaker/demo_slideshow.html


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