Flash Tutorial:

How to embed Flash SWF file to Microsoft Frontpage?

This tutorial will show you how to insert Flash SWF file to HTML page in Microsoft Frontpage.

Step 1

Firstly, please copy or save the SWF file to your website directory. You may save it to the root directory or a sub directory of the website.

Step 2

Launch Microsoft Frontpage, select the HTML file in which you want to insert the Flash SWF file.

In Microsoft Frontpage, select menu "Insert" -> "Picutre" -> "Movie in Flash Format", then select the SWF file. The inserted Flash file will look similar to this:

Right click on the SWF file, select "Play Movie in Flash Format" in the popup menu, which will display Flash movie in design mode.

Right click on the SWF file, select "Movie in Flash Format Properties". In the "Movie in Flash Format Properties" dialog, you can set size, border, transparency and other properties of Flash movie. You need to change the size properties to that of your Flash movie.

Save the HTML file, and publish the files to your webserver. Be remember to upload the Flash SWF file.

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