Flash Tutorial:

How to embed Flash SWF file to your webpage?

This is a general tutorial about how to insert Flash SWF file made with Aleo products to your webpage.

For more specific instructions about your HTML editor, you may refer to Flash tutorials at http://www.aleosoft.com/flashtutorial.html. And inserting Flash to webpage is a very basic function of any HTML editor, you can also refer to the help document of your HTML editor software about how to do this.

Basically there are three steps to insert the generated Flash to your webpage:

1. In Aleo products, click "Publish" button, publish the Flash banner, slideshow or Mp3 player.

2. Copy all of the generated files and subfolder to the SAME FOLDER as your webpage where you want to display the Flash. If you are making a Flash slideshow or Flash gallery, the software may generate a subfolder "images", please also copy this subfolder as other files, otherwise the images may not display.

3. Copy the generated HTML source code in the Result window and paste the code to your webpage where you want to display the Flash SWF.



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