Flash Tutorial:

How to insert Flash SWF file to Intuit Websites?

This tutorial will show you how to embed Flash SWF file to Intuit Websites.

Step 1: Make Flash SWF file.

Firstly, please make your Flash file (.swf) with Adobe Flash Studio or Flash Banner Maker software, for example Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker at http://www.aleosoft.com .

If you are making Flash slideshow or Flash gallery with Aleo Flash 3d Slideshow Creator or Aleo Flash Slideshow Gallery Maker, when publishing the Flash slideshow, choose the option "Flash Slideshow: Image files are embedded into Flash SWF file".

Step 2: Insert the Flash file to Intuit Websites

1. Login to your Intuit Websites account, open the page you would like to edit.

2. Click "Add to Page", then navigate to "YouTube Video" -> "Video Player".

3. On the right side "Video Player Settings" tab, "Multimedia File", click the Arrow button.

4. On the popup dialog, click Upload from my computer, then choose your Flash .swf file.

5. After this, a "Video Player" will show up on the page

6. Drag the "Video Player" to the place where you want to display the Flash movie, then adjust its size by dragging the white dots on the corners, or you can directly adjust its size on the right side "Video Player Settings".

Please note, the size must be same as the value of your Flash movie, otherwise, a white border may appear around the Flash movie.



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