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Aleo MP3 to SWF Converter: Make Your Site Ever So Attractive With Music Of Your Choice

For immediate release

March 28, 2007

Contact: Kevin Liao
Company: Inc.

Aleo MP3 to SWF Converter: Make Your Site Ever So Attractive With Music Of Your Choice

Fast an Easy to Use MP3 to SWF Converter to Help You Boost up Your Webpage Counter Inc. today announces the release of Aleo MP3 to SWF Converter 2.1, an easy MP3 to SWF batch converter that helps to add music to websites. Aleo MP3 to SWF Converter is the most effective way to make your website more attractive by adding music background. Your site visitors will never have to download additional plug-ins or depend on browser compatibility - Flash SWF audio files are the easiest way to introduce audio via the web.
Aleo MP3 to SWF Converter allows you to convert MP3 or WAV file into an SWF file in three easy steps. The first is simply selecting the files you would like to convert. Aleo MP3 to SWF Converter is a batch converter, so you can choose as many files as you like to be converted. Here you can also change ID3 tags of selected files. Another convenient feature offered at this stage is playback of selected files right inside Aleo MP3 to SWF Converter by simply clicking the “Play” button. Next Aleo MP3 to SWF Converter offers you to choose from many cool Flash sound players with customized color. Another option here is choosing SWF music data encoding parameters that will determine the quality and file size of generated SWF music file. In practice this means Aleo MP3 to SWF Converter can convert an MP3 or WAV audio file of a large size to a small-size SWF file for its future faster download from your site. The following stage is the conversion process itself which, thanks to the Aleo’s powerful engine, takes very little time. All you have to do after that to enrich your web page with audio content is copy all the created files (including player files plus converted audio files) into your web page folder and then simply copy and paste the selected HTML source code to your web page.
Flash Audio has proven to be the best audio format for the internet as it is almost impossible to find a browser that doesn’t have a free Flash player installed, which means your audience will always be able to listen to your Flash audio. Aleo MP3 to SWF Converter offers the easiest and most convenient way to convert your audio files into Flash Audio format and add them to your webpage or blog. Just don’t miss this great chance to attract many more visitors to your site.

Aleo MP3 to SWF Converter Main Features:
• Batch convert multiple MP3 and WAV files to Adobe Flash SWF files
• Convert a large size MP3 or WAV file to a small SWF file without losing quality
• Customize style and color of Flash web music player
• Easily add cool Flash web music player to your website
• Output HTML file to quickly generate HTML source code for your web music player
• Step-by-step interface

Pricing and Availability
Aleo MP3 to SWF Converter runs under Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista and costs $29.95 (USD) for Personal license and $49.95 (USD) for Commercial license. Registered customers are entitled to free technical support. An evaluation version of Aleo MP3 to SWF Converter is available as a free download at (996 Kb)

About Inc., Inc. was founded in 2002 as an information technology company and specializes in developing user-friendly and effective tools for web developers and design professionals. The company has thousands of customers in more than 60 countries around the world. For more information about the company and products, visit


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