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SWF to GIF Converter

Conversion Mode:

  • Real time playing: This mode plays the Flash movie in real time, records images dynamically generated by actionscript, it also enables you to interact with the Flash movie, for example, click "Play" button in a Flash game.
  • Frame by frame: This mode runs Flash movie frame by frame, and is suitable for batch converting.

Frame rate: number of frames in one second. If this option is not selected, it will use the frame rate of Flash SWF.

Converted to animated GIF: Convert to animated GIF file.

Converted to image series: Convert to image series, the number of images in one second is determined by the "Frame rate" value.

Maximum frames to convert: For endless looping Flash SWF, this option can limit the maximum frames to capture and convert.

Save to same folder: Save to the same folder as the SWF file.

Save to another folder: Save all converted files to a specified folder.

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